Clean Tech: #1 in Worldwide Venture Capital Investments

By Zachary Shahan in CleanTechnica, October 2, 2009

Clean tech’s share of the VC market rose by leaps and bounds in the last few years. It has increased from 3% of the market at the beginning of 2004 to 27% of the market at the end of this last quarter. After a big drop last winter (with the rest of the world’s economy), clean tech has been steadily climbing again. However, leaders in the field are still cautious.

Trevor Loy, managing partner of New Mexico-based private equity firm Flywheel Ventures and board member of the National Venture Capital Association, says: “It is certainly refreshing to see signs of momentum in the cleantech sector as well as the broader economy. I do not think, however, that the recent momentum represents a broad enough show of strength to truly represent recovery.”

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