California proves benefits of energy efficiency

By Felicia Marcus in Sustainable Industries, February 18 2010

Energy efficiency may not sound glamorous, but it is the cheapest, fastest and smartest way to extend our energy. Particularly in these tough economic times, implementing sound energy efficiency policies, coupled with investments in clean, renewable sources of domestic energy such as solar, wind and geothermal, is exactly the economic stimulus we need for a clean energy economy that will generate new jobs, businesses and innovation.

California is a good example of how leading-edge energy policy has helped save taxpayers billions of dollars. The California Energy Commission has adopted some groundbreaking standards for efficient buildings, appliances, and just recently for televisions, and it supports research and development efforts to uncover the newest efficiency opportunities. Utilities across the state offer efficiency programs that provide incentives and information to help their customers use energy efficiently and lower their bills. These efforts have saved California consumers more than $56 billion, helped keep the state’s per capita electricity use flat while the rest of the nation’s has skyrocketed, and eliminated the need to build several large power plants.

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