7 Energy Efficient Gadgets that Could Be 2010 Game-Changers

By Amy Westervelt on SolveClimate.com, January 7 2010

The Consumer Electronics Show, that huge once-a-year celebration of the latest, fastest, sleekest gadgetry that opens today in Vegas, has been getting greener every year, with more and more companies touting the energy efficiency of their products.

In 2008 the folks behind the show (Consumer Electronics Association) even bought the Green Gadgets show, and those exhibitors are now well-represented at CES, particularly in the Sustainable Planet section, which seems to grow exponentially by the year.

The green ghetto is great, but this year it seems energy efficiency is a major selling point for all the vendors, not just those with an ostensibly green product. Perhaps more telling, the tech journalists and taste-makers covering the event also seem to be most interested in the products that are smaller, thinner and more energy efficient than their predecessors.

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