Institute Success Stories

The Institute has many faculty and researchers who have made incredible advances with their work in energy efficiency.  Here are just a few of our Success Stories:

Umesh Mishra

The Next Semiconductor Revolution

Umesh Mishra is at the helm of High Efficiency Power Conversion, one of the hottest innovations in Energy Efficiency.

Jim Speck, Shuji Nakamura, Steve DenBaars

LED Breakthroughs for Energy Efficiency

Shuji Nakamura and his team continue to expand the world of applications for his GaN based, high-efficiency, blue and green LEDs.

John Bowers and his team are in pursuit of faster, cheaper, more efficient solutions to the data center overload.

Alan Heeger

Plastic Solar Cells Prove Their Flexibility

Alan Heeger and the pursuit of low-cost organic photovoltaics.

Unite to Light

Unite to Light
A non-profit created by Institute Faculty to provide high-quality, inexpensive, solar-powered lighting to those without electricity.





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