Campaign Lead Gift

Jeff Henley

A Message from Jeff and Judy Henley, Lead Donors

As a proud UC Santa Barbara alumnus, I’m honored to cochair the university’s campaign. Judy and I are making the most significant philanthropic commitment we’ve ever made to support the Institute for Energy Efficiency, a rising star in the national and international science and technology scene. The work underway at the Institute confirms our belief that if we give great institutions and brilliant people the right resources, there’s no challenge that can’t be addressed. We invite you — we urge you — to join us in supporting the vital, hopeful, and inspiring work the Institute is doing to create a brighter future for all of us.”

— Jeff ‘66 and Judy Henley H’09

Jeff Henley, Chairman of Oracle Corporation
Co-Chair of the Campaign for the University of California, Santa Barbara
Chair of the Institute for Energy Efficiency Director’s Council and Global Advisory Board
Member of UC Santa Barbara College of Engineering Dean’s Cabinet

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