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These are exciting times at the Institute. We’ve been riding a wave of growth and success, but what lies ahead looks even more remarkable. Investing in new talent through providing critically needed new space, supporting our current faculty “brain trust,” and pursuing new support for our research mission will take us to the next frontiers in energy efficiency. 

Our new building — crossroads, academic commons, and living laboratory — will bring our community together for the first time, sparking new levels of innovation and collaboration.

As world population rises toward 8 billion, global energy consumption accelerates, and fossil-fuel resources dwindle, solutions become ever more important. Today’s advances lead to tomorrow’s solutions. Support for the institute is an investment in a healthier environment, a more robust economy, greater national security through more energy independence, and a brighter, more hopeful future.

That’s the promise of the Institute for Energy Efficiency, and that’s the power of solutions.

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“Our interdisciplinary culture at UC Santa Barbara creates a rich environment for innovation and creative problem-solving. We are very proud of the pioneering work taking place at our Institute for Energy Efficiency, where brilliant researchers from across disciplines come together to generate practical, measurable solutions to global problems in energy use.

Our Institute is leading the way to dramatically improved energy efficiency, as well as innovative and stronger sources of cost-effective, clean, sustainable energy. Together we are creating a roadmap to the future of energy efficiency — for the sake of our planet, and future generations.” 

 - Henry T. Yang, Chancellor, UC Santa Barbara

The Institute for Energy Efficiency is Powered by Solutions. Powered to lead. Powered to innovate. Powered to change the world.

Click here to download the Institute Campaign Brochure


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